Sharukh as PM?

images47 Sharukh as PM?

Is Bollywood Badshah becoming PM of India? If rumours were ro be believed then  Shahrukh Khan will be playing former PM Jawaharlal Nehru in Australian director Bruce Beresford’s new film Birth of a Nation. Beresford is apparently helming Krishna Shah’s project on Nehru’s daughter and former PM Indira Gandhi, and is in Mumbai for casting

He had a dinner party given in his honor and made presentations about his prestigious project. In the presentation shown,  Bollywood and Hollywood actors’ faces were morphed as Indian politicians in his film.Here is where Shah Rukh Khan and Charlize Theron made their appearance and one found   Shahrukh Khan appeared morphed as Jawaharlal Nehru.

But Beresford’s agent David Gersh, denied that Beresford is directing Birth of  a Nation. Bruce Beresford is well known in Australia – having directed works like Don’s Party, The Getting of Wisdom, The Club and Breaker Morant.. Tender Mercies won  Oscar  for direction in 1982.

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