Ramu’s Romance With ’26/11 Attacks’

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Ramgopal Varma thrives on media sensationalism and he is the darling of media. The day after ’26/11 Attacks’ on Mumbai, when whole country is bleeding, Ramu visited the scene along with the then CM Vilas Rao Deshmukh. At that time itself there was wide spread criticism that Ramu visited spot to ready script on this deadly attacks.

Vilas Rao lost his job only to be rewarded with Union Minister post and even Maharashtra rewarded Congress in next elections. Now Ramu announced that he is making film on ’26/11′ and already started shooting for the film. He announced his launch of the film in Hindi, Marathi, English and Urdu.

RGV tweeted about his film saying “Today is the 1st day of shooting of the most important film of my career ‘The attacks of 26/11′. That’s because it is on the most important event that ever happened… If not in scale and damage and tragedy, just in sheer complexity it beats even 9/11,”

He went on to add “It’s being done with a completely new cast and is going to be shot in languages in which the actual people spoke that is Urdu, Hindi, English and Marathi,”. On his 40crs film he said  “The attacks of 26/11 will detail every aspect of the carnage beginning with the terrorists taking over Amar Solanki’s trawler ‘Kuber’ I want to thank all the officers who have given me unimaginable inputs and insights into this event which is making this film possible”.

On who will be playing the role of Kasab he added “The most important actor obviously is the guy who’s going to play Kasab the reason being he becoming the face of the 26/11 attacks. I needed someone similar and also a great actor to be able to portray the complexities involved and I found him in a theatre actor called Sanjeev Jaiswal,”

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