Rakhi’s wedding advice to Kareena

images55 Rakhis wedding advice to Kareena

Hot babe and item bomb Rakhi Sawant who relishes stirring controversies this time gave a friendly advice ( if one think so) to Kareena Kapoor. She wished Kareena should get good hubby and as a part of that she spoke about her bit of mind.

Rakhi said Kareena’s former lover Shahid Kapoor is better than Saif Ali Khan whom Kareena is presently dating and all set to get married. Rakhi says ‘I like Kareena very much., If she marries Saif, she will get instant and ready made children. I have been telling from the beginning that she deserves better hubby. Shahid is the best choice and he is a good eligible bachelor. Even I like Saif but his children is too old’.

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