Rakhi Sawant Lashes Out Dhanush’s Behavior

jpg Rakhi Sawant Lashes Out Dhanushs Behavior


Bollywood item bomb and controversy queen   Rakhi Sawant disappointed at ‘Kolaveri’ star Dhanush disappearing from the scene when he was supposed to dance with her to the popular song, lashed out at the actor’s behavior. A heart broken Rakhi said said “I’m completely heart-broken! Dhanush and I were supposed to perform on Kolaveri Di, and do a small act as well. I was so excited and even a glam dress of mine was ready. But, when I heard that Dhanush had wriggled out at the last-minute, I felt humiliated. He didn’t respect me. I was told that his advisers told him to stay away from performing with me because I am a controversial girl. He thought his reputation as a big star would get hampered! I was very hurt, but then I saw Jesus’ face smiling at me and telling me ‘Rakhi don’t worry, I will always love you!”

Rakhi thought by performing to the hit number with the star actor, she could gain some media attention. But with that opportunity lost, pain in her voice is clearly visible. Rakhi said “Seeing what Dhanush did to me, I realised how nice our Bollywood stars are! Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt and even cricketers like Kapil Dev have performed happily along with me and never made me feel small or belittled! I love them and God bless Dhanush!”

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