Nitin’s romance with Sonal Chauhan

images54  Nitins romance with Sonal Chauhan

Love, romance and Ishq will do wonders and it seems sensuous star Sonal Chauhan’s romance with Neil Nitn Mukesh healed all his heartburns, break ups and has given him fresh lease of life. Sonal and Nitn signed a film that touches upon 3G spectrum scam under debutant Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber.

When Sonal entered Nitn’s life, he was on the verge of nervous breakdown after a beautiful model who endorsed a reputed soft drink brand ditched him. His close aide said “She used and dumped him, befriended his entire family, and used his weakness for a domesticated bahu-type of girlfriend to her advantage. That’s what hurt Neil the most.” The actress in question now claims that she hardly knew Neil.

Explaining Nitin’s six month romance prior to breakup his friend said “Neil was totally committed and took her home to his parents. She played the daughter-in-law card until her dad began to interfere in the relationship, not allowing them to even go out for a cup of coffee. Neil had to meet her at home and in her father’s presence. The full extent of her duplicity hit him when at a party, she met him like an acquaintance,”

About his ongoing relationship with Sonal, his friend says “It would be premature to say Neil is dating Sonal Chauhan. After what he has gone through, it would require Herculean willpower to commit to another relationship. But yes, their bonding is definitely growing. And they’re definitely in a space where love is present. But Neil won’t rush into a commitment so fast. The last relationship has broken his faith.”

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